Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi again, people!
Like i said, I am currently in the mood to blog which is a weird thing for Shereen Choong.
Nevertheless, here I would like to show you some pictures that both sis and I took during the dinner. It doesn't feel like a school function for some reasons. Everyone looked so mature and grand at the same time. Even the teachers looked different that day. A school function is supposed to be some "happy-go-lucky" stuff right? Haih... Nevermind. *ignore my thinking,yea
It was my first time going to a dinner without my parents though.

The Banner.

Miss Choo and I. My modern Mathematics teacher

Sis, Aunt Clara and I
I looked so weird. I always have weird expressions. =(

Manjira and I.
One of my classmate and also a prefect.

Look at the amount of people on that day
To think that I had to usher them with my fellow prefects.
Omigod... Kept on wishing them "good evening" and "welcome" like a robot with Renuka, Arinah and Fatima.

The chandeliar. Cantik tak? I took this pic!


Aida and I.
We sat on the same table.

Renuka, Arinah and I

Sis and I

Aida, Manjira, sis and I.
We all makan je tau on tat day.

My favourite dish.
I love the crunchy thingy. Although I don't really know what is tat until now. Hahaha.
1 CBN deluxe hot and cold combination.
I tell you, these people can really name food.
Adele's Work Fried Tiger Butter Prawn. *swt
and then there was this PIBG Chilled sour sop with pink guava and vanila ice cream. Omg

Look at Khalisah's face. The one in the middle.
That's Intan, the one who's taking the prawn.
By the way, on that night, both sis and I have some pretty good luck.
We won the lucky draw! 03486! =)
Got some make up stuff which most probably we won't use.
Oh well, better than nothing, yea.

By the way, Simba is getting older. She is about 4 months old already.

Doesn't she look so cute??? She's getting naughtier though.
Dad is not letting her out lately. She keep on playing with all the sand and messed up her own home.

Simba's tail.

Look at her! Non-stop moving. Can't even posed for the camera. Hahaha =)

Last but not least, look at this!

Who's that in the middle??? *winks
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Hey people!
Surprisingly, I feel like blogging today. Siau d. Hahahaha =)
By the way, I was uploading some pictures from my camera and I came across these pics that I took from my latest camp. 3 days 2 nights with my fellow prefects. It was a camp for the unit beruniform and prefects. 30 Oct till 1 November.
I like these pictures! Look so nice! =P

My fellow prefects with Puan Norrizan in the middle.

Ru Yi and I. It was her birthday, 1st November. Just a day before my birthday.
Almost all November kids look so small. =)

Carven, Rachel and I

KL tower at night.

My group punya tangan. Hahaha =)
Bersatu padu mah. Got lots of colour punya tangan. Can see my hand?
The Tun Hussein Onn group. *still think it is such a swt name

Aida, Ann Nie and I
We represented the Renjer Puteri and also as prefect. 2 in 1. *winks

Another group pics of my fellow prefects. Still got some prefects missing though. MIA


That's all for now, yea.. I just finished my freaking long Bio peka while blogging. Hahaha.
I kept on wondering why do these people even bothered to create a thing called J-tube. Aiseh. OKlar. tata~
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Today it is 4th November 2009. Two days ago, it was my birthday.
I know it's a bit too late to actually blog about my birthday. Nevertheless, it was my best birthday. You made my day! My beloved sis and family, friends especially Mei Wern and Maxine.
I love the carrot cake that you gave me big gugu! Thanks for the surprise, sis! I was suspicious when Pavi actually rushed to me and "kidnap" me. Hahaha =)
I love you people a lot! The surprise turns out not to be a surprise in the end about the outing. The "offender" story, eh? sis and mei wern. Both of you must really learn how to plan a surprise properly. tsk tsk. Hahahaha . Nevermind, the outing turned out to be really fun.
I'll post some pics next time, k? *feel so lazy to upload pics =P Until then, tata~
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Sunday, September 20, 2009
It is a very bad news indeed... as i am about to face my finals soon.
AND I am hooked to this book. *pulls hair
GARGH!!!! This is the next book i am going to buy (using my own pocket money, or perhaps if there is anyone out there buy me this book? =) jk only. I will try to figure it out myself. *winks) Haih... This is the book i am going to read after this. Aiming for this book d. DArren SHAN Rocks!!! The fourth book, BEC!!!

I'm desperate!!! I am going to buy this book and read it after my finals which is going to start after two weeks! bye, people. =(
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Sunday, August 30, 2009
Yo~~ people,

I'm finally back. =P
I just finished my perkhemahan BAKP "Red Ribbon". I find that my BAKP (Bengkel Anugerah Ketua Pesuruhjaya) is way better than my Permit test. *phew

I love my group, the Swaziland group. =)
  • To Charis, thank you so much, my penolong Kem Kom, for making the group lively
  • To Kah Wei, thank you, my beloved jurumasak. For god sake, please do not cook your name tag, k? wakakakaka. No need to add flavouring from name tag ok
  • To Lai Yee, Thank you, My pen. jurumasak. You were great. Hope to see you again.
  • To Sze Yuin, Thank you, My JPC. You were great too. Thanks for your cooperation. I hope to see you again. Keep in touch,k?
  • Last but not least, Pui Leng. Always take care of yourself, k? You were a great member
I love you girls so much. Thanks for your cooperation. I hope we can gather together again, ok? esp Lai Yee and Sze Yuin since we're not in the same school. The others we can meet each other anytime rite in school? Don't ignore me in school ar, u people. Oh yeah, I would like to say thank you to Mei Wern for helping me on the first day while i'm presenting and for all the kayu, I love them!

Maxine for dropping by on the second day. I enjoyed your company on that day, seriously.but i didn't actually really "layan" you on that day, sorry... I was too exhausted. Let's keep in touch ok? Give me a call once in a while. Let's have sleepover once your SPM is over.

To my family, thankyou for your support and guidance, I love all of you.

Sis for volunteering to be one of the AJK's despite having trials after holx

Mom for helping out in the kitchen. Your Pat chi chou was the best.

Dad for dropping by and bought an 8gb card for my camera. I actually don't need it lor I'm very satisfied with my current 2gb card. Nevertheless, thank you so much, dad. for spending RM100 for that card. I know you were being considerate for me.

Big gugu for helping out in the kitchen as well despite having lots of work awaiting for her.

Small gugu and gujeong for dropping by during my campfire night. and lending me your camera. I will return it to you safe and sound. Thank you.

Kumpulan "Swaziland".

Thanks to sis for helping me draw the flag

Everyone together~

Some random stuff which i feel like blogging before i go on with the actual camping programme in this blog with pics. *If i am not lazy... hehehehe

Ok... This is my first injury in camp after so many times camping. It was bleeding like water fountain. The pic looks fine but it was not. It was terrible. I didn't feel anything until Lai Yee told me that i was bleeding. Blood was flowing out from that cut. Omg. One drop of blood was on Lai Yee's shoe. So embarassing. Thank goodness, I learnt first aid and I was cool, quickly put pressure on the injury by using my yellow t-shirt. People thought i was having period in front there. Aiyo.

That's it for now. I'll upload my pics, k? I need to finish up my holx homework. Adious~

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Saturday, June 6, 2009
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Saturday, April 25, 2009
Oh hello people.

*waves frantically*

This is Vivian Choong again.



I'm here....


*drums roll*


WARNING #2~!!!!!

mana lu budak?!!

u said sooooo many times you'll do it. but i see no post coming from you. you kept telling me you will blog this and that. *shakes head* oh well. i know you've been busy. but really.. you still have the time to read manga man! log books and homework i don't mind. but manga.. hmm. your source of entertainment i guess. but.. *sobs* so sad.

Ur Jie.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009
Dear Shereen,

This is to inform you that it has been ONE MONTH (more or less) since you last updated. I don't see the reason you can't update the blog AT LEAST once a week.

Not like you don't online anyway. YOU DO! In fact, you online almost every single day. Not to blog, obviously, but to read manga.


Your blog has been abandoned for ONE MONTH and you couldn't care less!

Why can't you update man?!!


This is the first warning ok!

If you receive 2 more warnings, I advice you to just delete the blog man. Don't waste your beloved readers' time to go to your blog just to find your one-month-old post about your Neko-chan. 


That is all for now. Till next post from me.. Ta~

Your jie.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
People! Meet neko-chan~~ So kawaii~~~

Isn't she cute??? *ooh.. melts

Small aunt bought her some milk. And I bought a ball ( got bell inside!) for it to play!
Oooh... I love its response towards the ball. At least it's not wasted.
Actually, I bought a ball for both Snuffles and Velvet. But.... they are kinda scared of it. Haih...

I love looking at it. It's so Cute~~~ CUTE.
Hahaha. Don't know how many times have i been repeating the same thing.
Haih... That's all for now lar. I kinda miss CV and a few friends of mine. One day, I should go out with them.
I want Holiday!!! Holx faster come!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009
Sports Day was held yesterday. My very first sports day in CBN and it was a splendid day for sports! The weather was just nice. Both sis and I went to the stadium Bukit Jalil by car. ( Dad offered us a ride. =D hehehe) We reached there around 7, i guess.

It's the sun~~~ Ahhh~~~ *omg. I'm so gonna get dark soon

Look at the four heads marching... *tsk tsk hmmm....

Here comes my house, Adele!

The mixture of Pandu Puteri Remaja and Renjer

Love this picture.

CBN's school band. I love the second song that they played.

In the midst of all the running event after marching, sis just have to snatch a few friends of mine and i to the toilet. Hahaha! Our imagination gone wild while we were filling up the *water balloons. We had fun in the toilet. In the end, they didn't use our water balloons because it keep on bursting. *ehem ehem bad *ehem quality *ehem. Who bought the balloons ar??? I wonder who???

Aidan. Cheerleaders.

Xavier. They won the first prize.

Pauline. Took this pic from sis's camera. Look nicer from this point of view.

Can you see their "U"? They did this for each alphabet, PAULINE

Mei Wern~ Mei Wern~ Look at your face. Nice or not???


Renuka and Germaine.

Still wanna underestimate me in phototaking??? Within 5 seconds that you've counted, I got it at 3. Wakakaka!

Carven. You want to kiss who ar?

T.T I'm the only Adele. Two Aidans. Not fair.


The prize-giving ceremoney.

Seee??!!! I caught you at the back.

Wakakaka! =P

You didn't even realised i was taking your pic! LOL

Shu Yee and I

Mei Wern, you jahat! I want to take a close-up picture of you!

Took a group picture at the end of the sports day.

By the way, Pauline (blue house) won.

I shall end this post with a picture of the stadium.

Omg. I miss this stadium so much.

The last time i came here was when I was in my first year of SMKCS. We had our sports day there. =D

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